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TLR Consulting Services provides cost-effective and reliable website hosting. Our web servers are located in a hardened, weather-proof facility that offers state-of-the-art redundant systems that assure power availability, temperature and humidity control and security. This same facility is available for clients to locate mission-critical servers that must be online 24×7 with personnel onsite if server intervention is necessary.

Locating critical equipment and systems at our facilities allows our clients to focus staff and capital on their core businesses rather than worrying about colocation and associated services.

Data Center Facility Features

  • Redundant UPS
  • Redundant AC/DC Power
  • Data-Grade HVAC
  • 24×7 Secure Entry
  • Advanced Fire Suppression System
  • Flexible Space Configuration
  • Secure Cabinet and Cage Space
  • Continuous Camera Coverage


  • Power circuits are available in 120/208v AC and — 48v DC.
  • The UPS system is deployed in a parallel redundant configuration with N+1 modules
  • Generator backup for 100% of customer peak load with a fuel supply of 24 hours and guaranteed refueling contracts in the event of an extended utility failure

Environmental Controls

  • High Volume Air Conditioning systems with 100 tons plus .01 tons per square feet floor capacity
  • Temperature: 70° +/- 3° throughout the facility
  • Humidity: 49% +/- 5% throughout the facility


  • Data center is secured 24 hours per day, seven days per week
  • Biometric palm scanners in conjunction with proximity card readers control access to the facility and the data center floor
  • All cabinets and cage spaces are locking and the level of security can be upgraded by request
  • Facilities are monitored via closed circuit digital camera coverage with 24-hour recording and 30-day digital video storage
  • Facilities are equipped with centralized security stations

24 Hour Critical Systems Monitoring/Disaster Prevention

  • All systems (including UPS, DC Power, PDU (Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit), HVAC, Temperature, Humidity, Security, Fire Threat) are constantly checked by an advanced monitoring system
  • Zoned fire detection is managed with the VESDA air sampling system
  • Zoned dry-pipe pre-action systems complement the front-line detection system

Hosting your website with TLRCS or co-locating your server at our data center demonstrates that you have taken important steps toward taking your business to the next level. Contact us today to see how we can serve your hosting needs.