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SOPA and PIPA News

Two major pieces of legislation are making their way through the US Congress; the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the Protect IP Act in the Senate. While each may sound prudent on the surface, the danger that lurks in the bowels of the law’s content could dramatically hinder the free commerce we currently enjoy on the Internet. Consider this from¬†Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols¬†writing in …SOPA and PIPA are bad laws. If enacted, a copyright holder could,...

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New SEO Trends

Google recently announced that in order for search results to be relevant, they must take a person’s social media activities into consideration. Consider this quote from Mark Kaelin in a Tech Republic piece dated January 11, 2012: Social interaction and the social information that activity generates can be a powerful tool for creating targeted and more relevant search results. This reveals one more way that social media and the impact it has on the way we communicate and relate...

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TLR Consulting Services (TLRCS) is your one-stop-shop for writing services. If necessary, we have a network of specialists who work with us to help our clients. If we are unable to handle a project our extended team will uncover a solution. This backup ensures our clients have the best in the industry working with them to succeed. Honesty – Integrity – Ability We are committed to providing more service than you expect. We believe you have already spent enough...

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