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What Is In A Plan

Before any serious web optimization can occur, website owners must have a target in mind for what they want to accomplish. Many companies will sell Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services with no thought about what a client wants or needs to achieve.

We encourage clients to engage the services of a professional who will help them develop a marketing plan that takes into consideration every aspect of their business. Web presence is only one ingredient of the marketing mix that must be considered. Other ingredients include branding, target demographic, and effective business region to name just a few.

TLR Consulting Services provides professional assistance to our clients to help sharpen their web presence in light of their marketing plan. If a client has no marketing plan, we can help there as well. Then, we begin to optimize their site in light of what the client wants to accomplish. Using other venues that compliment their entire web presence we create campaigns that demonstrate results through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets where the client has a presence.

The results that we deliver are in line with what our clients want to achieve. Their increase in web traffic is due to relevant searches which draw users who will click through and become clients.

SEO is not rocket science. It is deliberate actions designed to bring substantive results that produce new clients.

Try us… You’ll see.